Naming Ceremony


Naming Ceremonies are a wonderful way for family and friends to celebrate the new addition to the family. Naming ceremonies involve the important people in the child’s life – family and special friends. Parents have the opportunity to ask other adults to play a supportive role to their child through to adult life – grandparents, godparents or mentors. Many parents feel that they do not want a traditional church christening, either because they do not hold any religious beliefs themselves, or because they want their child to be able to choose their own beliefs as they get older. The wonderful thing about a naming ceremony is that there are no ‘rules’. It is a ceremony that you can tailor to your exact wishes, creating a perfect and memorable day not only for your child, but also, your family and friends.


Most Naming Ceremonies include the appointment of god parents or mentors, who promise to take a special interest in the child as they growing up. Naming ceremonies can incorporate the reasons the parents have chosen a particular name and it’s meaning. There are many beautiful poems and readings suitable for naming ceremonies. You may also wish to include a candle lighting, a sand ceremony or some other symbolic gesture. If you have older children, you may like to acknowledge the importance of siblings or if they are old enough, they may like to read a poem as part of the ceremony. I have performed Naming ceremonies in halls, in parks and at reception venues. Many people prefer to hold the Naming ceremony in their own home, where the children are most comfortable.

 Basic outline of a Naming Ceremony.


Welcome and Introduction.
Reading or poem.
Acknowledgment of siblings and/or grandparents.
Appointment of Godparents/Mentors.
*Certificates are presented to the child and the godparents.
Meaning of names.
Sand ceremony, tree planting or reading.
Conclusion and thank you to guests.



have been meaning to put pen to paper and keep running out of time. I just wanted to thank you for performing our Name Day ceremony for Heath and Reece, we had a lovely day and were very pleased with your input, professionalism, care and carefree way. I was very grateful you did not hurry us, as we felt we were very unorganised. I’m only sad that we probably will not have a service for you to perform in the future (as we anticipate no more children and are already married). I will gladly sing your praises to people if they ask about celebrants. Thanks again for your time, effort and service. 


Karen is a Member of ACMCV Association of Civil Marriage Celebrants Victoria
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