How old do I have to be to get married?

You must be 18 years old.

Visa’s, immigration & overseas information

If your partner is not an Australian resident, getting married does not automatically allow them to stay in Australia. You must abide by Australian Immigration laws.

There are several different types of visas available. Information available here.
If required I can write a supporting letter for your visa application.

How do I book Karen Wilmot for my mothers funeral?

Your funeral director can contact me or you can contact me directly.

I want to get married: what documents do I need?

You will need to produce your original birth certificate.
If you have been married before you will need your divorce certificate.
If you have been widowed you will need to provide the death certificate.
You are also required to show photo id such as your drivers licence or passport.

What are your fees?

The celebrant fee is quite often the cheapest cost of a wedding! A professional celebrant is well worth their fee. My fee for a marriage ceremony is currently $850.

I also offer a very basic ceremony for a lesser fee. Please see “Budget ceremony” in the FAQs

Funeral fees

The fee I charge for a funeral service is currently $600.

Most of the time, this fee is included in the overall cost of the funeral and I am paid by the funeral director on your behalf.

What is a NOIM? And where do I get one?

A “NOIM” is a Notice of Intended Marriage form.

You need to complete a Notice of Intended Marriage and lodge it with your celebrant. This must be done at least one month prior to the wedding.

I supply the Notice of Intended Marriage forms.

Alternatively, you may download one from here.

Do you offer a ‘No frills budget’ ceremony?

I prefer not to but I do offer a VERY basic standard ceremony covering the legal requirements.

Suitable for those just wanting a legal ceremony eg. you had an overseas wedding which is not legally valid.

Approximately 10 minutes in duration and to be held in my home or within a 15 minute radius of my home. Up to 8 guests (10 including yourselves).

Please contact me for pricing.