Your Marriage Ceremony

As soon as you decide that you would like me to conduct your ceremony, you should contact me to make a booking, as I accept ceremony bookings up to 12-18 months ahead, especially for the months from September to April.Once you confirm your booking with me, we will make a time to meet.
When we meet we will discuss your ceremony, what you do and don’t want. I will lead you through my presentation folder, explaining the various options. We will discuss the use of rituals such as ring warming, hand fasting, lock ceremony, sand ceremony or anything else that you may wish to incorporate into your wedding ceremony. You will get to take the presentation folder home with you so you can read it at your leisure.

The next time we meet is when you tell me what vows, readings and symbolic acts that you wish to include. The more that is written by you or chosen by you, the more unique your ceremony will be. We will also complete the Notice of Intended Marriage form, so you will need to bring your birth certificates and any other relevant documents. I then spend some time creating a ceremony that reflects your individual choices. A draft of this ceremony will be sent to you for approval and/or any changes. The final meeting before your big day is usually about 1-2 weeks before the event, a rehearsal at the location of the wedding. At this time, we will look at positioning the bridal party and the celebrant, rehearse any rituals chosen, check your music selections and discuss final preparations, including any late changes to the ceremony. You will also sign the declaration that you are free to marry at this time, provided and witnessed by me your celebrant. Full payment, is required at this meeting.

On the day, I will arrive at the wedding location at least 1/2 an hour prior to the ceremony. During this time I will check all of the necessary arrangements, set up a table for the signing of your marriage certificate, chat with the wedding party and liaise with the venue operators if necessary. Then it’s the fun part; the ceremony, where you get to become legally married. After “kiss” you will sign the marriage certificate. If you wish to have a group photo after the ceremony, I check with the photographer where this will take place and make this announcement just before the conclusion of the ceremony. Once the ceremony is finished it is time for you to celebrate with your family and friends.

My fee is $800

A basic outline of a marriage ceremony.

Your ceremony should reflect your ideals, beliefs and personalities.
Introduction and to welcome to guests
Reading or Poem
Monitum * (Section 46 of the Marriage Act) Legally required; word for word • All Celebrants are required by law to state the “Monitum”

The Asking • A formal question… this is where we get the ” I do’s “.
Vows • A promise to each other for the future. *Must comply with Legal requirements.
Exchange of Rings
It is now my pleasure to declare you married!
” The kiss! ”
Signing of Marriage register. • 2 witnesses over the age of 18 are required.
Reading of a Poem or a symbolic act or ritual
Conclusion and Introduction of the newlyweds.
Congratulations from family and friends

Wedding Ceremony Inclusions.

Other Inclusions: To ensure that your ceremony is heard by your guests, I use a P.A system, which does not require power. I also have a wireless hand held microphone for the bride and groom to use for their vows. The microphone is also available for people doing readings and poems. The P.A system is also capable of playing music in any format, so we can play music for the wedding party’s entrance, during the signing and after the ceremony. My husband, Ron acts as my “roadie” and operates the P.A for me.

I can also provide a signing table and chair, complete with white bridal cloth and chair cover.
I will register your marriage with Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, Victoria.
I provide each couple with the necessary forms to obtain their “registered” marriage certificate

If you like what I have to say please feel free to arrange a meeting to make sure we are the right fit.