Commitment Ceremony

7/12/17 – BREAKING NEWS – As of 9th December 2017 all same sex couples that were married overseas will be officially recognised as legally married in Australia.



Hopefully, soon I won’t need to have a seperate page for same sex couples, I’ll just have the one wedding page.  I look forward to that day and know many others that do too.

This quote by Mia Freedman, Sky News presenter really resonates with me….

“Love really knows no gender. It discriminates against no one. I don’t have gay friends and normal friends, I have friends. I don’t want gay marriage and straight marriage, I want marriage. For all of us. Now that’s what I call equality.”

In Australia same sex marriages are not yet legal, However, many gay and lesbian couples choose to have a commitment ceremony. This ceremony is a time for you to publicly declare your partnership, and love for each other, before your family and friends in a dignified manner. A commitment ceremony is very similar to a traditional wedding ceremony with just a few subtle changes*. Incorporated into the ceremony is music, readings, vows, and the exchange of rings, signing and presentation of certificates. I will work with both of you to create a unique ceremony, that reflects your personalities, your beliefs and ideals.

* According to law in Australia, Civil Marriage Celebrants can conduct non-legally binding ceremonies as long as both the couple and those attending are under no illusion that the ceremony is a legal marriage. At state and territory levels, there is some form of recognition for same-sex couples, mainly through being considered in de facto relationships. De facto couples in the ACT, NSW, Tasmania and Victoria have access to a relationship registry, which enables them to easily prove their relationship and provides nearly all of the rights of marriage. Victorian Births, Deaths and Marriages relationship register.

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